FAA to Fine Unruly JetBlue Passengers $32,500 in 2 Mask Incidents

By Kurt Stolz on 19 March 2021
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Two unruly JetBlue passengers on two separate flights now face $32,500 in fines for their actions.

The Federal Aviation Administration said it plans civil penalties of $20,000 and $12,500 for the two passengers, who flew on separate JetBlue Airlines flights in December.

The first miscreant was on a December 27, 2020 JetBlue flight from Boston to Puerto Rico.  The passenger failed to comply with flight attendant’s instructions, multiple times, to don her face mask and to remain seated with her seatbelt fastened.  The passenger also shoved one crew member several times in her chest and shoulder area, shouted obscenities at the crew, and threatened to have one flight attendant fired.  The captain was forced as a result of her actions to divert the flight back to Boston.

The second malefactor was flying on a December 31, 2020 JetBlue flight from New York to the Dominican Republic. The passenger failed to comply with flight attendant instructions to wear his face mask multiple times and to stop drinking from a bottle of alcohol he brought with him on the flight, an action forbidden by FAA regulations. The crew issued him a “Notice to Cease Objectionable Behavior” warning at which time he shouted profanities at them, slammed overhead bins, and became more and more agitated and uncooperative, the FAA said.  During the landing phase of the flight, the passenger stood up repeatedly despite the fact that the “fasten seatbelt” sign was illuminated, threw his bottle of alcohol behind a seat, and went to the lavatory.  The crew had police officers meet the flight to escort the passenger off the aircraft.

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