White House Considers Domestic Restrictions on Travel to Florida as Virus Mutations Multiply

By Kurt Stolz on 12 February 2021
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Amidst a significant increase in the number of new infections from the U.K. and other variants, White House officials are considering a range of domestic travel restrictions.

The restrictions are aimed at where the new infections are most prevalent, which is currently in Florida and California, the Miami Herald reported.

“There are active conversations about what could help mitigate spread here, but we have to follow the data and what’s going to work,” one White House official told the paper. “We did this with South Africa, we did this with Brazil, because we got clear guidance.”

“But we’re having conversations about anything that would help mitigate spread,” the official said, making reference to possible travel restrictions that would specifically be aimed at the U.K. mutation in Florida.

The White House said it would consult local officials before setting policy, but one local politician, the state’s governor, already came out against the move.

Calling the idea a “political attack” on Florida, Governor Ron DeSantis called the idea unconstitutional, unjust, and unwise.

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