Toyota, Lexus Debut New Tools that Support Online Sales Without a Visit to the Dealership

By Paul Riegler on 4 February 2021
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A 2020 Lexus LS 500 F Sport AWD

As the coronavirus pandemic continues people’s shopping habits, Toyota and Lexus unveiled the next iterations of their respective online retail experiences.

Both are designed to give a car buyer as much control over how much interaction he has with the dealership in the course of selecting and buying a new automobile.

Lexus debuted its Monogram platform, which integrates the online and dealership experience and finalize a purchase entirely online as well or, if preferred, at a dealership.

The platform, Lexus said, provides “an integrated user experience” for the buyer from the automaker’s website to the dealership’s website to the dealership itself.

The automaker said that Monogram allows it “to anticipate guest expectations today and into the future,” referring to the customer.

Meanwhile, Toyota’s SmartPath retail experience is being updated to the same platform as Monogram, with almost identical functionality and using the same underlying technology.

SmartPath is currently available via 50 dealerships, with an additional 50 being added in the coming months, while Monogram is available in “select” markets with plans for a greater rollout throughout the year.

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