American Airlines Reveals Succession Plan for CEO Doug Parker

By Kurt Stolz on 19 January 2021
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American Airlines is planning for an eventual replacement for its current CEO Doug Parker, an internal process that the airline likely didn’t plan to make public.

Executive search firm Hunter Scalon revealed the plans on Friday in a job posting for a new “chief human resources officer” who would be in line to succeed current Chief People Officer Elise Eberwein.  The job posting, however, said that the successful candidate would “report to the new CEO, who will be a key part of this interviewing and selection process.”

The search firm goes on to add that American Airlines is in thesuccession planning process, and that an internal executive is slated to become the new chief executive officer.

“The airline is in the midst of a multi-year strategic succession planning process that is designed to prepare an internal executive for the chief executive officer role,” it said.

American issued a statement saying that the selection of a new CEO is not imminent but that it would in fact be an internal candidate, namely the current president, Robert Isom.

“This ‘description’ is not imminent or accurate,” Eberwein said in a tweet after the job posting ran.  “It’s true we have a multi-year succession planning project underway. It’s true Robert is the ideal internal candidate. It’s true Doug will celebrate 20 years this year as CEO. Someday, not today, next month, or year, Doug will retire. Robert will likely become CEO if all goes as planned. That was made pretty obvious several years ago.”

Eberwein also took responsibility for the leak, terming the job posting “overzealous.”

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