Coronavirus News Update – Dec. 8: FDA Says Review Confirms Safety and Efficacy of Pfizer Vaccine

By Anna Breuer on 8 December 2020
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The U.S. Food and Drug Administration said a review confirmed the safety and efficacy of the Pfizer coronavirus vaccine.  It said that data from Pfizer’s coronavirus vaccine trials was “consistent” with recommendations from the agency for an emergency use authorization.The Pfizer vaccine, the FDA said, is even effective after one dose.  The agency’s review of the raw trial data is the most detailed to date. The FDA also said that two doses of the vaccine were “highly effective” in preventing confirmed cases of Covid-19.

ABC News reported that the Trump administration months ago turned down offers from Pfizer for more vaccine doses, which means that Pfizer won’t be able to supply more than the initial order until June.

Britain’s hospitals are preparing for a mass vaccination drive across the country.  Tens of thousands of healthcare workers aided by volunteers and members of the military will begin inoculations next Tuesday.

Meanwhile, the United States recorded the most deaths in a week since the start of the pandemic.

Governors of two states, California and New York, warned that their hospitals are filling to dangerously high levels.  California is largely under a lockdown and  New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is now warning that such measures may become necessary in parts of the Empire State.

Officials in France said that the number of new infections has not dropped sufficiently so as to allow the lockdown measures to be discontinued. France is averaging 10,000 new infections each day and has 3,200 people in hospital.  The news is dashing hopes for a holiday time reprieve.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau said that the country will begin to arrive in the country next week but inoculations will have to wait until the country’s regulatory agency has approved the treatment.  This review is still being conducted.

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