Los Angeles Adopts Strict Stay-at-Home Order as Virus Cases Surge

By Kurt Stolz on 28 November 2020
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Health officials in Los Angeles County issued a temporary and limited stay-at-home order that goes into effect Monday, as the number of new coronavirus infections continued to rise in the region.

“Residents are advised to stay home as much as possible and always wear a face covering over their nose and mouth when they are outside their household and around others,” the county Department of Health said in a statement.

The county’s order prohibits all forms of gathering, in public and at private residences, as well as the intermingling of households.

Religious services and protests are exempt.

The order, which will remain in effect for three weeks, is less strict than what was issued in the spring.

Shops and personal care businesses such as barber shops and salons are subject to strict occupancy limits.  A restriction on outdoor dining at restaurants and bars remains in place because patrons cannot wear masks while eating and drinking.  Such establishments will still be able to remain open for takeaway and delivery orders

Parks, beaches, and trails will remain open but intermingling of households is forbidden there as well.

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