First Look: The New 2021 Lucid Air Luxury Sedan with 517-Mile Range

The 2021 Lucid Air

By Jonathan Spira on 15 November 2020
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If anyone thinks that the race for the best electric vehicle has been won and that the King of the Hill title has been awarded to Tesla, the conclusion is premature, to say the least.

Lucid Motors unveiled the Air in a coronavirus-friendly online event earlier in the fall, and its Greenfield factory in Arizona is already manufacturing early prototypes.  Lucid took two a few of those on the road to New York, and I spent an entire afternoon with two drop dead gorgeous Airs and several Lucid executives on a rainy fall afternoon.

The Air, built on the automaker’s LEAP or Lucid Electric Advanced Platform, will have an industry-leading range of 517 miles (832 kilometers) with the extended-range option.  The launch edition – dubbed the Lucid Air Dream – will cost $169,000, but the sub-$80,000 Air is scheduled to be available in 2022.  Two other variants, the Air Touring and the Air Grand Touring, are planned to be available in 2021.


As a new auto manufacturer, Lucid isn’t taking parts out of various parts bins; rather, the company has designed and is manufacturing its platform, battery, motor, and electronics, down to the tiniest detail.

Lucid will launch the Air with the $169,000 Dream Edition in early 2021, a dual-motor all-wheel model that can develop up to 1,080 horsepower.  That will be followed by the $139,000 Grand Touring mid-year, the $95,000 Touring (late 2021), and the $80,000 Air (2022).  All of the variants should be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit.

It should be quite clear even to the casual EV fan that the Air will compete with the Tesla S as well as the Cadillac Lyric, Mercedes-Benz S-Class, and Porsche Taycan.

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