Dear Agony Aunt: Your Advice and Etiquette Questions Answered

By Aunt Agatha on 13 November 2020
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Many American and British magazines and newspapers run advice and etiquette columns ranging from Miss Manners to Dear Abby to Savage Love.  The columns are not there, as you might have hoped, to offer solutions for everyday living.  More frequently, the questions range from “How can I get my annoying seatmate on this flight to shut up and let me watch my movie?” to “Where should I seat my ex-husband’s illegitimate gay son’s ex-lover at my daughter’s fourth wedding?”

Sherlock Holmes, as alert readers might know, regularly consulted the “agony columns” (the British term for such advice columns) and agony columns, of course, are written by agony aunts.  I am this publication’s agony aunt and will address readers’ issues of all types.

Dear Agony Aunt, written by yours truly, Aunt Agatha, will address all manners of travel and tech etiquette and life issues for you.  Simply send your troubles to and I will try to get to yours as soon as possible.

Dear Aunt Agatha,

My friends call and text at all hours of the night.  They tell me if I am going to bed, I should put my iPhone into “sleep” mode but I think it’s just rude of them to call and text willy-nilly.  What should I do?

–Sleepless but not in Seattle

Dear Sleepless,

The person at Apple (and other phone makers) who named “sleep mode” “sleep mode” (on some devices, “Do Not Disturb”) might have had a point.  Perhaps your friends’ bedtime hours are not the same as yours.  The sleep mode button is not a bug, it’s a feature.  Use it.

Love, Auntie

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