Fewer Countries – and Still No Americans – Allowed to Visit Europe

By Anna Breuer on 30 July 2020
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The European Union updated its list of nationalities that would be permitted to visit the bloc’s 27 nations.

Originally 15, the list, rather than growing as had been planned, shrunk by three over the past few weeks after EU envoys in Brussels removed Algeria after having removed Montenegro and Serbia earlier in the month.

The move leaves 11 countries on the list, outside of countries within the European Union itself, namely Australia, Canada, New Zealand, Japan, South Korea, Thailand, Tunisia, Morocco, Georgia, Rwanda and Uruguay.

Americans are still not on the list nor are the Chinese, the latter because China continues to bar EU residents from its shores.

A country’s presence on the list does not guarantee that all EU states will welcome that individual.  The European Union’s list is a maximal list, and it is up to the individual member state as to whether to let in people from a given country.  Countries not on the list, however, will not be permitted into any EU state.

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