Europe Reopens to Visitors, But Americans Aren’t Invited

The town of Melk, in Niederösterreich

By Anna Breuer on 14 June 2020
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Much of Europe will undergo a grand reopening of sorts on Monday and Tuesday as these two days mark when a multiple countries will reopen their borders.  But the list of countries whose citizens will be admitted is quite limited in some cases and varies greatly from land to land.

Indeed, June 15 marks the official date for border controls between Schengen member states to be lifted, although each country will make its own risk assessment and act accordingly.

Numerous nations are excluding visitors from high-risk countries such as Italy, Sweden, and the United States.

Patrons at Zum Schwarzen Kameel


The country’s flag carrier, Austrian Airlines will resume short-haul flights on Monday.  Starting Tuesday, visitors from member states of the European Union – with the exception of those from Portugal, Spain, and Sweden – are welcome and exempt from the requirement of having proof of a recent Covid-19 test or, in absence of that, having to self-quarantine.

Travelers from the United Kingdom are prohibited until further notice.

Austria previously opened its borders to its immediate neighbors with the exception of Italy – namely, Germany, Hungary, Liechtenstein, Slovakia, Switzerland, and the Czech Republic – on June 4.

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