EU May Continue to Ban American Travelers as Borders Reopen

By Kurt Stolz on 24 June 2020
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A street in Bozen or Bolzano, Italy, in the Alto Adige or Südtirol

Americans may be top on the list of the list of those blocked from entering Europe for a visit, multiple EU officials said.

The European Union has reopened its internal borders and is debating the list of countries whose citizens will be able to enter.

Currently, given the resurgence in new Covid-19 cases as well as an overall high case count and a lack of uniform contract tracing, Americans could be placed in the same category as Russians and Brazilians, essentially persona non grata.  President Trump’s ban on allowing European citizens to enter the United States is adding fuel to the fire.

Since mid-March, as the coronavirus pandemic began to take hold, the European Union has been off limits to travelers from the United States and the rest of the world with minor exceptions. But the bloc expects to make a final decision on reopening its borders prior to July 1.

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