Austria to Require Minimum Ticket Prices, Short Flight Surcharges

By Kurt Stolz on 9 June 2020
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Vienna’s famous Riesenrad, or Giant Ferris Wheel

The Austrian government, which is requiring the country to halve its carbon emissions by the year 2030, said it will introduce a €30 ($34) on flights of up to 217 miles (350 kilometers) in conjunction with the €450 million bailout of the country’s flagship carrier that was announced Monday.

The move is intended to encourage travelers to use other possibly more fuel efficient modes of transportation for shorter trips instead of flying.

The government said it will also introduce a minimum ticket price that would on average be €40, in an effort aimed at ultra low-cost carriers that offer heavily discounted fares.

The government will add a flat €12 fee to all flights over 217 miles, replacing the current Air Transport Levy that is based on the length of a flight and starts at €3.50 for short-haul flights and €17.50 for long-haul flights.

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