Coronavirus Update: Brazil Overtakes Russia in Number of Cases, New York State Relaxes Rules

By Anna Breuer on 23 May 2020
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A fruit stand in São Paulo’s Mercadão or Municipal Market


It’s the start of Memorial Day Weekend in the United States, the unofficial start of summer, and a time where friends and family gather for picnics and barbecues.   Given the ease with which the virus spreads, keep any gatherings as small as possible and make sure your guests share your concerns for protecting against the spread of the virus.  Finally, stay outdoors and offer lots of hand sanitizer.

The economic effects of the coronavirus claimed its first major travel company as on Friday as Hertz, the number two car rental agency in the world, filed for bankruptcy protection under Chapter 11.

Brazil became the world’s No. 2 hotspot for novel coronavirus cases on Friday, second only to the United States, overtaking Russia.  Health officials there reported that 332,382 have been infected by the virus as of Friday.

Meanwhile, China recorded no new cases of the coronavirus on Friday as the global toll hit more than 5.2 million cases and 338,000 deaths.

New York State relaxed rules for social and religious gatherings, allowing groups of up to ten people, as the number of deaths from the coronavirus fell for the first time to below 100, at 84.


Practice social distancing consistently no matter where you are outside your home and wear a mask in public.  Wash your hands often.  Exercise caution in small, confined spaces, especially elevators.  And did we say, “wash your hands”?


The number of coronavirus cases across the globe stands at 5.3 million, of which 2.16 million have recovered, based on data compiled by Worldometer, a service that compiles and makes available world statistics. The death toll now stands at 340,004.

There are 2.81 million active cases worldwide and 2.5 million closed cases.  Out of the active cases, 2.76 million are mild and 2% or 44,582 are severe.

In the United States and its territories, the number of confirmed cases stands at 1.65 million, while the death toll stands at 97,647. Brazil now has the second highest number of cases in the world, with 332,382, with a death toll of 21,116, while Russia has the third highest number, with 326,448 and 3,249 deaths, which officials in the United States continue to believe to be a significant undercount.

The number of new coronavirus cases and fatalities in Germany declined for a third day, and the country’s infection rate continued to hold below the key threshold of 1.0.

While international comparisons of these figures are difficult, perhaps the most useful comparison is to look at the deaths per million members of the population, with the caveat that there are differences in how countries record deaths. It’s also important to keep in mind that the number of deaths is a lagging indicator.

San Marino, with a population of just over 33,000 and which has been testing all of its inhabitants, continues to have the highest number of deaths per million members of the population, at 1,209, unchanged for nine days.

Belgium the second highest number of deaths per million members of the population, 795 (unchanged), is followed by Andorra with 660 (unchanged in six days) and Spain with 612. Italy, the United Kingdom, France and Sweden have reported 539, 536, 433, and 389 (unchanged), respectively, while the Netherlands, Ireland, and Switzerland have reported 338 (unchanged), 321, and 220 (unchanged), respectively.  In Germany the figure is 100, while in Austria it is 71 (unchanged).

The number of deaths per million members of the population in the United States is now 295.  It remains three in China, according to official figures there, which are also believed to be an undercount.


05-23 Dominic Cummings, a senior aide to Prime Minister Boris Johnson, became embroiled in controversy after traveling from London to northern England to see relatives last month while he had the coronavirus. The trip was in violation of the country’s lockdown rules.

05-23 Officials in Missouri said a Springfield hairstylist with symptoms of the coronavirus worked for eight days at Great Clips and exposed 91 clients and coworkers to the virus.  The same individual also went to the gym and to the market there multiple times.

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