Coronavirus News from Across the Globe: May 30, 2020 – Spike in Israel, Canada Extends Cruise Ship Ban

By Kurt Stolz on 30 May 2020
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05-30 In Los Angeles, barber shops and hair salons will be able to reopen, said  Los Angeles County Supervisor Kathryn Barger.  Drive-in theaters, flea markets, and swap meets can also reopen, she said.

05-30 Israeli health officials reported a spike in new coronavirus infections that followed the lifting of lockdown restrictions. The country recorded at least 101 new cases on Friday and 79 on Thursday, after several days where the number of new cases was at 20. Officials there blamed the increase on a lack of discipline in complying with social distancing guidelines.

05-30 In Italy, officials there said that the number of cases was continuing to fall.  The Civil Protection Agency reported 516 new cases on Friday, bringing the total to 46,175. Friday’s death toll, 87, was in line with recent figures. The total death count there is 33,229.

05-30 The United Kingdom said that the daily death toll on Friday was 324, bringing the total death count there to 38,161. The number of new cases on Friday was 2,095, which brought the total number of people who have tested positive there to 271,222.

05-29 Canada announced it would extend its ban on cruise ships and ferries that are carrying more than 100 people with overnight capacity from operating in its waters through the end of October.

05-29 When Japanese theme parks reopen, they will ask visitors to not make loud noises such as screams when on rides in addition to doing temperature and wellness checks of visitors upon arrival.  The move comes in an attempt to reduce the amount of aerosols guests emit during their visits.

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