Coronavirus Update: World May Never Return to ‘Normal,’ UK Prime Minister in ICU, Austria to Reopen Shops

By Anna Breuer on 7 April 2020
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The world may never get back to what it once considered “normal” just a little over three months ago said U.S. health advisor Dr. Anthony Fauci at a White House press briefing.

Britain’s prime minister, Boris Johnson, was moved to intensive care. the U.S. Supreme Court told Wisconsin to hold its elections as originally planned, and New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said that the state had experienced its highest increase in deaths since the start of the crisis, a death toll in the past 24 hours of 731.   This followed two days in which the 24-hour figures appeared to have leveled off.   The total number of deaths in the state is now 5,489.

South Carolina became the 42nd state in the union to issue a stay-at-home order, which goes into effect Tuesday at 5 p.m.

Austria’s chancellor, Sebastian Kurtz, announced a timetable that includes opening some shops the day after Easter, the first European country to promulgate such plans.  The death toll from the coronavirus appears to have peaked on March 26.  Austria currently has 12,058 confirmed Covid-19 cases and 220 deaths, which is 27 per million members of the population.

The rate of infection in Italy and Spain may have plateaued, officials there said, after Italy again reported a lower death toll.  France, however, reported its highest ever death toll, 8,911.  In China, health officials reported no deaths at all, the first such claim since January.

In Japan, Prime Minister Shinzo Abe said he plans to declare a state of emergency in seven prefectures after the number of infections surged in Tokyo and Osaka.

In Israel, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu announced a ban on travel between cities and said that Israelis will have to remain at home and conduct the Passover Seder only with those who live under the same roof.  The curfew is in effect from 6 p.m. local time on Wednesday until 7 a.m. on Thursday.


Practice social distancing consistently no matter where you are outside your home and wear a mask in public.  Wash your hands often.  When you do leave to go shopping, wipe down your shopping cart with a Clorox-type wipe.  And did we say, “wash your hands”?


The number of coronavirus cases across the globe is now 1.37 million, of which 294,101 have recovered, based on data compiled by Worldometer, a service that compiles and makes available world statistics. The death toll now stands at 76,551.

While the United States has the highest number of confirmed infections, the outbreak has been most deadly on the Continent.  France, Italy, and Spain continue to account for well over half the global death toll, with 39,223 dead from Covid-19.  Meanwhile, the fatality rate in Germany, which has almost 105,000 cases, remains extremely low at 1.3%, compared to 12.5% in Italy, and approximately 10% in Britain and Spain.

In the United States and its territories, the number of confirmed cases is 370,397, while the death toll stands at 11,042.

Put differently, Spain now has 295 deaths per million members of the population while Italy has 273.  Belgium, France, the Netherlands, and Switzerland have had 176, 137, 123 and 97 deaths per million respectively, while China, Germany, and the United States have reported two, 22, and 33 deaths per million respectively.


04-06 The U.S. government said it will no longer allow returning cruise ship passengers to travel on commercial airline flights, it said, and will have to take charter flights.  American Airlines said it will not operate charters for such travelers.

04-06 Inovio Pharmaceuticals announced the start of a safety test of a potential coronavirus vaccine. The trial will take place in Philadelphia and Kansas City, Missouri.

04-05 Many people in China traveled for the first time in months as they celebrated the Qingming Festival, or Tomb-Sweeping Day, as Chinese authorities began to lift restrictions on movement.

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