Coronavirus Update: Health Officials Struggle to Contain Coronavirus as Death Toll Rises to 3,120

By Anna Breuer on 3 March 2020
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The coronavirus is now present on every continent except Antarctica. It has infected at least 91,340 people, and the death toll is at least 3,120.

The United States reported 100 cases in 14 states with six fatalities, three in a nursing home in Seattle.  All six fatalities have been in the Seattle area.

Chinese officials reported 125 new confirmed infections of Covid-19 and an additional 31 deaths.  The figure is the lowest number of officially confirmed cases since January 20.

The caseload in South Korea jumped to 5,185, more than double the number reported Friday. The death toll there was 28.

In Iran, officials there confirmed 1,501 cases although public health officials there have expressed concern that the official figures were not reliable.

Meanwhile, the first reports of cases of Covid-19 were reported in Jordan, Morocco, Senegal, and Saudi Arabia.


Health officials in dozens of countries are struggling to contain the coronavirus outbreak as they attempt to trace who might have come into contact with infected patients.


03-03 Airlines in China including China Southern and China Eastern are putting hundreds of thousands of seats back into service after capacity shrunk by 50% as a result of lower demand for travel due to the coronavirus outbreak.

03-02 A student from Singapore studying in London was assaulted by four people there after they made comments about his race and the coronavirus outbreak. The Metropolitan Police said the incident was being treated as a racially aggravated assault.

03-02 Emirates Airline is asking staff to take up to one month’s unpaid leave, citing the coronavirus and flight cancellations as the reason.

03-02 Some health officials are speculating that the number of cases on the Japanese island of Hokkaido, a popular tourist spot, might be ten times the official number of cases there, which is 77.

03-02 Officials in the United States are asking airlines to collect better contact details from their customers that would help health officials contact potential carriers of the coronavirus or those who might have been on a flight and come into contact with someone with a confirmed case of the virus.

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