Coronavirus Update: Death Toll Rises Above 3,000, Louvre Temporarily Closes, Amazon Pulls Fake Anti-Virus Products

By Anna Breuer on 1 March 2020
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The Louvre


The total number of cases worldwide rose to 88,360 over the weekend, and the death toll inched over 3,000 to 3,001.

Chinese officials reported 577 new cases, Korean authorities reported 586, while the Italian government recorded 566. New deaths from the virus in each country were 35, 4, and 5 respectively.

The first confirmed novel coronavirus cases in New York and Florida were reported, and officials in the state of Washington confirmed the second death in the United States from the outbreak.  The total number of confirmed Covid-19 cases in the United States is at least 89.

The Dominican Republic reported its first confirmed case, a tourist visiting from Italy.

In Iran, 385 new cases were reported, bringing the total number of officially confirmed cases to 987.


The novel coronavirus is now present in at least 60 countries.

Some 450 Hong Kong residents who have been stranded in Wuhan will return home this week.  The Chinese Grand Prix, set to take place from April 17 to April 19, has been postponed, as have been fashion weeks in Beijing and Shanghai.


03-01 A day after American Airlines said it was suspending flights linking Milan with New York and Miami, Delta Air Lines suspended New York-Milan flights as well. Both airlines cited a significant reduction in demand for tickets.

03-01 The Louvre closed for a staff meeting on public health and the coronavirus and failed to reopen after the meeting.  As queues formed outside the museum’s iconic pyramid in the rain, the museum’s staff voted almost unanimously not to reopen.

03-01 A man who stabbed two Chinese officials to death in early February at a roadblock meant to contain the spread of the coronavirus was sentenced to death for his crimes. The killings were the man’s second serious offence.

03-01 China said it would check people leaving or entering the country for possible symptoms relating to the coronavirus, for any contact with infected persons, or for recent travel in areas with a high number of infections.

03-01 City officials in Seoul asked prosecutors to look into the possibility of filing murder and other criminal charges against the founder of the Shincheonji Church of Jesus in the southeastern city of Daegu.  Church officials reportedly failed to provide disease-control officers with an accurate list of church members and are said to have interfered with government efforts to contain the outbreak.

02-29 Amazon said it had banned over one million fake coronavirus products from its online marketplace.  Among other items, it says it removed fake cures and overpriced surgical masks in recent weeks.

02-29 North Korean leader Kim Jong Un warned that the coronavirus, should it spread to North Korea, would result in “serious consequences.”  While the country does not have any cases of the virus so far, its neighbors to the north and south – China and South Korea – are the two countries hit hardest by the outbreak. The impoverished country is seen as highly vulnerable to infectious diseases, and its healthcare system, as it were, is ill equipped to deal with them.

02-29 A Canadian family of five was removed from an Air Transat flight after several passengers complained about one child in the family who was feverish and coughing. Although two doctors cleared the child to fly, the airline refused to allow the family to travel and said in a statement it had nothing to do with the coronavirus, although the family involved disputed that contention.

02-29 The French government banned all indoor gatherings of more than 5,000 people in an effort to contain the coronavirus.

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