Coronavirus Update: Tokyo Disneyland Closes, Cases in Italy and Iran Up Sharply, Pence Appointed to Lead U.S. Efforts

By Anna Breuer on 28 February 2020
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The National Health Commission in China reported 44 new deaths in the country, bringing the death toll to 2,788.  The total number of confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the country is now 78,824.

Officials in South Korea reported 256 new cases, bringing the total in that country to 2,022.

The number of reported cases of the virus in Italy rose 50% to 650, with 17 deaths.

In Iran, the number of confirmed cases hit 245, including a member of President Hassan Rouhani’s cabinet. Seven government officials have tested positive so far, including one prominent cleric who has since died from the virus.


The novel coronavirus is now present in 48 countries.

The Japanese government closed schools there for at least a month as it tries to stem the advancing tide of the coronavirus as the start of the 2020 Summer Olympic Games approaches. Iran canceled Friday Prayers in major cities. Saudi Arabia barred pilgrims from traveling to the country’s holiest sites.


02-28 The Geneva Motor Show was cancelled after Swiss authorities banned gatherings of 1,000 people or more due to fears of the coronavirus. The ban went into effect immediately and will stay in place at least through March 15.

02-28 Covid-19 infections were found in patients in Germany and in the United States with no known risk factors, meaning they had not travelled to a hot zone or had contact with another person known to be infected.  This means the virus could be spreading undetected in their communities.

02-28 Denmark, Estonia, Norway, Romania, and the Netherlands all reported confirmed cases of the coronavirus for the first time.  Other countries in Europe with infections include Austria, Croatia, France, Germany, Greece, Italy, North Macedonia, Spain, Sweden, and the United Kingdom.

02-28 People who had recently been to Italy and Iran continued to seed new outbreaks elsewhere. Kuwait alone reported 43 new cases, all tied to Iran.

02-28 The Oriental Land Company announced the closing of Tokyo Disneyland and DisneySea for two weeks over fears of the coronavirus.  Tokyo Disneyland is the only Disney Park not partly or wholly owned by Walt Disney Company, although Disney has creative control.

02-28 The Japanese island of Hokkaido declared a state of emergency after the number of cases there rose. Officials urged residents to stay home.

02-28 A dog in Hong Kong belonging to a patient registered as a “weak positive” for the coronavirus. Authorities there said that dogs and cats belonging to those with the virus must also undergo 14 days in quarantine.

02-27 President Donald Trump has sought to play down concerns of a domestic outbreak and appointed the country’s vice president to lead the country’s response to the outbreak.

02-27 The Dow Jones Average fell almost 1,200 points, its worst one-day drop in history, amidst fears over the impact of the coronavirus on the economy.  The S&P Index fell 4.4% and the Nasdaq Composite was down 4.6%. Markets in Europe and Asia were also hit hard.

02-27 Officials in New York City reported a possible case of the coronavirus and were sending a lab sample to the CDC for testing. The Big Apple has had no confirmed cases of Covid-19 so far.

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