Airbus to Offer Dimmable Windows on its Aircraft

By Jesse Sokolow on 7 January 2020
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An Airbus A319 in Alitalia livery

Airbus Industries will offer airlines the option of electrochromic dimmable windows on its aircraft.

Electronically dimmable windows allow passengers to enjoy the view from their seats without glare and without disturbing other passengers.

Such windows eliminate the need for airplanes to have window shades and also block infrared energy, reducing heat that would otherwise enter the cabin and lowering the reliance on air-conditioning systems to maintain a comfortable cabin temperature.

The windows may be dimmed by means of a button at each window and the cabin crew to darken the aircraft for sleep can dim all of the windows remotely.

The electrochromic windows are manufactured by Gentex, which has been supplying them to Boeing starting with the Dreamliner in 2011.  Such windows use a proprietary electrochromic gel encapsulated between two thin panes of glass that lightens or darkens in response to low-voltage current being applied. 

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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