TSA Reverses Course on Uniform Requirement at Known Crewmember Security Checkpoints

By Jesse Sokolow on 27 August 2019
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IMG_2144The Transportation Security Administration, the agency responsible for the security of the traveling public, backed down on its plan to require flight attendants and pilots to be in uniform when traversing Known Crew Member security checkpoints at the nation’s airports.

“Please be advised that TSA is delaying implementation of the uniform requirement at KCM access points,” the Known Crewmember website said in a notice to cockpit and cabin crew.  “The procedure to require a uniform for access through KCM willnotgo into effect this Wednesday, August 28, 2019, as previously announced.”

The move followed pushback from flight attendant and pilot unions.

“Since the announcement on Saturday that Known Crewmember procedures would change AFA has been interfacing with TSA, industry, and the Air Line Pilots Association,” the Association of Flight Attendants said in a statement.

The TSA will, however, increase random screenings of crewmembers, a procedure known as “Unpredictable Screening Procedures,“ as planned on Tuesday.

If a crewmember is selected for Unpredictable Screening Procedures,” the individual will be subject to this for an unspecified period of time at all KCM access points at that airport.

The Known Crewmember program was developed as a joint initiative between Airlines for America, an industry trade group, and the Air Line Pilots Association, the largest airline pilot union in the world, to allow flight attendants and pilots to pass through a dedicated security checkpoint with the presentation of their airline identification, which is then scanned and checked against a database of verified airline employees.

Pilots and flight attendants are eligible for KCM as long as the crewmember poses “a sufficiently low risk to transportation security,” according to the TSA.  Crewmembers have been disqualified for attempting to access the checkpoint for personal international travel, carrying the property of another person through the checkpoint, and carrying prohibited items, such as a weapon, through the checkpoint.

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