FCC to Allow Carriers to Block Robocalls by Default, Putting ‘Rachel from Card Services’ Out of Business

By Anna Breuer on 6 June 2019
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"I'm so sorry. Rachel was fired."

“I’m so sorry. Rachel was fired.”

Rachel from Card Services may soon be looking for a job.

The Federal Communications Commission voted Thursday to allow phone providers to block robocalls and other unwanted calls by default, before they get to the subscriber’s mobile phone.

Robocalls – which often start with “Hi, this is Rachel from Card Services calling about your credit card account” – will reach far fewer people thanks to the new FCC rule.

Before the ruling, some mobile operators and local exchange carriers offered call blocking tools, but subscribers had to opt in in order to use them. The new rule allows phone companies to block calls without requiring the subscriber to opt-in.

“If there is one thing in our country today that unites Republicans and Democrats, liberals and conservatives, socialists and libertarians, vegetarians and carnivores, Ohio State and Michigan fans, it is that they are sick and tired of being bombarded by unwanted robocalls,” said FCC Chairman Ajit Pai during the commission’s monthly meeting.

The measure was approved 5-0 by the commission.

Mobile operators and local exchange carriers will be required to notify subscribers that they can opt out of the robocall blocking if they prefer to be interrupted multiple times in the course of the day for a call from Rachel and her friends Anne, Tiffany, Michael, and Heather.

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