Apple Wallet Tips and Features You Probably Don’t Know About

By Anna Breuer on 10 June 2019
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Introduced as Passbook in iOS 6, Apple Wallet is a convenient way to store credit and debit cards for Apple Pay, boarding passes, event and movie tickets, loyalty cards, coupons, student ID cards, and public transit tickets. When the Apple credit card, called Apple Card, launches later this year, it will make the Wallet even more useful thanks to its tight integration.

Apple Wallet works in a similar manner on the Apple Watch, although cards are added via the associated iPhone.

The passes stored in the Wallet app typically contain useful information such as the balances on your Starbucks or Dunkin’ card, your seat number on your flight, and the balance on your Apple Pay Cash card.  At some schools in the United States, Apple Wallet supports student ID cards on both the iPhone and the Apple Watch.  Some passes appear automatically, such as a boarding pass when you approach your gate.

The Apple Wallet app provides many capabilities and, as a result, some users aren’t aware of all of the features it offers.

Here are three important but relatively unknown features within the Wallet app that you may find useful and use on a regular basis.

1.) Rearrange

Many people don’t realize you can move passes up and down so that your most-used passes are towards the top.  If there are some passes you use more than others, it makes sense to rearrange them. To move a pass, simply tap and hold until you see it slide up slightly.  You can then drag it up or down and place it where you want it.

In addition, to change the default credit card used with Apple Pay, simply drag that card to the front.

2.) Open Associated Apps

Passes do much more than display information: they have icons on them that allow you to open the associated app with one tap.

Simply tap the icon button, found in the bottom-left corner, and the associated app will open.

3.) Notifications

The Apple Wallet notification feature allows you to get flight updates or coupons for nearby stores.

To activate this feature, tap the pass and then tap the three white dots in the blue circle. Tap the Notifications button to toggle in on or off.

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