Lobby Bar – May 31: Lost in Space, Cursing Crew, and ‘I’ll Take Tyrant Nurses for $250, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 31 May 2019
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Lobby Bar: Let the Good Times Roll

Paging Sheldon!  The FAA has enlisted rocket scientists from the “Big Bang Theory” to help review Boeing’s proposed software fix for the 737 Max jetliner.  At what point should we let them know these are just actors on a television program?

Non-stop to where? Hawaiian Airlines flight attendants are relishing the thought of making announcements on the airline’s new service to Fukuoka, Japan.  To prepare themselves, they are enlisting the aid of senior American Airlines flight attendants who used to fly the Fokker 100.

Just use a token. Apple Pay now works at some subway stations in New York City, although early reports show long lines at turnstiles due to riders trying to properly insert their iPhones into the Metrocard readers for entry.  Turnstile selfies are also now a thing.

Nurse Ratched! Nurse Ratched!  The new Equinox Hotel will not only offer guests a sleep coach who helps them sleep better but also offers in-room IV vitamin drips for energy or hydration.  Complimentary colonoscopies will be available to members of the hotel’s loyalty program with elite status, while others will be provided with DIY kits.

No room at the inn. The TWA Hotel opened its iconic doors to guests and visitors earlier in the month, although it misread the “How to Open a Hotel on the First Day” manual, as rooms and sections of the hotel were far from complete and guests complained of long waits to check in.  On the plus side, at least this wasn’t the first TWA flight. Plans for a corresponding hotel at Heathrow, with “go to sleep in New York, wake up in London” service could not be confirmed at press time.

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