Brexit: What Happens Next

By Paul Riegler on 22 March 2019
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Now that European Union leaders have agreed to give the United Kingdom an extension on the March 29 deadline for it to leave the bloc in order to give the U.K. prime minister time to win Parliament’s backing for the deal she negotiated with Brussels, the question that arises is what comes next.

The news Thursday effectively averts the possibility of a so-called “hard” or no-deal Brexit that has been predicted to be chaotic as it would effectively cut ties between the United Kingdom and the European Union without any agreements in place.

Prime Minister Theresa May was given until May 22 if she can persuade lawmakers in Parliament to accept her plan, which they have already twice rejected. If she cannot accomplish this, the deadline moves back to April 12, although the European Union did not rule out the possibility of the United Kingdom staying in the bloc longer if it needs more time to fundamentally rethink Brexit.

The U.K. Parliament will take up the subject of Brexit on Monday, March 25, when it will debate the plan in which Mrs. May laid out the government’s next steps

The next step is to schedule a vote on the Withdrawal Agreement that would govern Brexit, as the delay granted by the European Union was on the condition that Parliament approve the bill next week. The government has to notify Parliament one day in advance of a vote, but the conditions of the deal with the European Union make it almost inevitable that it will take place next week.

The European Union said it remains open to reviewing other alternatives to the current plan.

“All options will remain open and the cliff-edge date will be delayed” until April 12, said Donald Turk, president of the European Council, at a news conference after the announcement of the extended deadline.

Mr. Tusk added that, if no agreement in Parliament were forthcoming, and Britain did not indicate by April 12 that it was willing to take part in the May European elections, “the option of a long extension will automatically become impossible.”

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