Airlines and Hotels Have Cut Back on the Use of Plastic: Here Are 4 Tips How You Can Too

But where will I put all my Norwegian water?

By Anna Breuer on 11 March 2019
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Earlier this year, Air Canada announced that it would gradually eliminate all single-use plastics on its flights as well as in its workplaces. Marriott International and Hyatt Hotels will soon remove plastic straws and stirrers from their respective hotels across the globe as well as at their corporate headquarters. Alaska Airlines will soon eliminate the use of plastic straws and citrus picks on its flights, and both the city of Seattle and the coffee company headquartered there, Starbucks, are undertaking similar actions.

These changes will eliminate the use of billions of plastic straws and stirrers that travelers might have encountered but the question remains, what can you do to reduce your own reliance on single-use plastics?

Here are four tips to lower your use of plastics and save the world.

1.) Use recyclable or “good” plastics

Yoghurt containers, clear plastic bottles such as Voss water bottles, and reusable food containers are more likely to be recycled. Items such as plastic cutlery and straws have a very low probability of suffering a similar fate, which is why airlines and hotels are getting rid of them. The same goes for cling film and coffee cups and lids.

2.) Buy products that don’t require LDPE bags.

Low-density polyethylene is used for grocery bags, bread bags, and garment bags at the dry cleaners. Bring your own reusable bag for groceries, buy breads that go into paper bags, and ask the dry cleaners to put more garments in a bag – or tell them to skip the bag altogether.

3.) Use a reusable grocery bag.

Plastic grocery bags have perhaps a 30-minute lifespan from being filled at the grocery store to when you unpack the groceries at home. The very same plastic bags can take anywhere from ten years to 1,000 years to decompose in a landfill. Meanwhile, hundreds of cities and towns across the United States have banned their use, while they are banned in two states – California and Hawaii.

4.) Use glass or metal containers at home.

It’s not necessary to prematurely dispose of the plastic containers you already have and use as that creates unnecessary waste, but glass or metal containers or jars can be used to store cereal, coffee, tea, grains, nuts, and flour and are in general better suited to the task.

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