80 Million in U.S. Under Winter Alerts from Colorado to Maine

By Paul Riegler on 3 March 2019
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A major winter storm will hit a wide swath of the United States starting today.

Winter weather alerts stretch from Colorado to Maine.  The fast-moving storm will travel from Colorado to the East Coast in under 24 hours.  Expect snow this afternoon in places that include Indianapolis and Pittsburgh and tonight in New York City, Boston, and Portland, Maine.

Expect heavy rain in parts of the I-95 corridor including New York City before the snow arrives.  Snowfall could be heavy at times.

Travel delays and hazardous driving conditions throughout the United States, as the storm makes its way across the country, are forecast.  At 11 a.m. EST, airlines have posted 898 flight delays according to FlightStats, which tracks such information, and over 250 cancellations.

Driving conditions will be hazardous in most places and the storm will likely impact morning commutes, particularly on the East Coast

The cold air that follows the storm will linger in much of the country. Over 75% of the United States will experience below-freezing temperatures this week.

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