Lobby Bar – December 7: Aunt Esther’s Hats, Bowling for Dollars, and ‘I’ll Take Out of Work Veeps for $250, Alex’

By Anna Breuer on 7 December 2018
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Lobby Bar: Not For the Faint of Heart

This is the big one. Fred Sanford was officially out of a job on Thursday as Apple introduced its new ECG feature, which takes an electrocardiogram using the Apple Watch Series 4 and warns users of heart issues before they happen.

Paging Joe Biden. One concourse at the new LaGuardia Central Terminal Building opened its doors to passengers Saturday. Given the world-class facilities at the new LGA, comedians and travel writers around the world were left wondering which airport they could diss now.

Be careful what you wish for.  Jesse looks at important events in travel history for the month of December and decides to go back to 1978 to right a wrong, namely the deregulation of the airline industry that led to the collapse of Pan American World Airways and Eastern Airlines.  He somehow finds himself testifying in front of a congressional committee, which has the opposite result: now in 2018, there’s one airline and it’s called Air Fleet, or in the Soviet Union which also still somehow exists thanks to Jesse, Aeroflot.

It was bound to happen.  The opening of the new Terminal 1 at Los Angeles International Airport was delayed recently when it was discovered that, instead of installing nine security lanes at the new facility, a contractor installed nine bowling lanes.  Meanwhile travelers were being vetted by TSA agents who allowed passengers through if they were able to convert a 7-10 split.

We’ll do better next time. Marriott revealed that as many as half a million Starwood accounts had been hacked, or as the hotelier put it, were “accessed by an unauthorized third party.” Promising to have learnt a lesson by this, the world’s largest hotel chain said it would eliminate the problem of password hacking by eliminating the use of passwords period.

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