EU to Trial AI-Powered Lie Detectors at Borders

By Anna Breuer on 2 November 2018
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Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

Hungarian Parliament Building in Budapest

The European Union will deploy computerized lie detectors powered by artificial intelligence to question travelers arriving at border points in Europe, it announced on Thursday.

The devices, created as part of a €4.5 million project called iBorderCtrl, will ask travelers to upload an image of their passport, visa, and proof of funds. Travelers will then be asked questions such as “what is in your suitcase?” by a computer-animated border guard while looking into a webcam.

Travelers deemed low risk will go through a brief reevaluation of their information with a live border guard while those deemed to be higher risk will undergo a more extensive examination.

The technology, the European Union said, uses a “unique approach to deception detection” and analyses the micro-expressions of travelers to determine whether a traveler is lying or telling the truth.

The test will launch at the borders of Greece, Hungary, and Latvia and last for six months. The goal is to speed up entry at the European Union’s external borders.

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