Lobby Bar – October 6: Star Trek, The Swingin’ 60s, and ‘I’ll Take Airport History for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 5 October 2018
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Lobby Bar: The Airline With the Most Cancelled Flights

Catch me if you can.  The Pan Am Museum Foundation celebrated the opening of an exhibit on the Boeing 707, the aircraft that ushered in the jet age.  No. 1 Pan Am Fan and FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira was, of course, in attendance at the retro 60s gala, which included a dinner inspired by the first Pan Am 707 flight from New York to Paris, but some of the guests didn’t appreciate that he insisted they not use their mobile phones since they hadn’t been invented at the time of the flight.

CaddyshackPaul Riegler discovers New York hamburger joint Shake Shack for the first time on a visit to the Big Apple. Now we can’t seem to tear him away and he gets most of his work done while waiting on the interminable lines to get his burger fix.

Back to the future.  Yet another plan to improve John F. Kennedy International Airport was introduced this past week, although this one is different. The airport will actually revert back to using several small hangers modeled on the original ones when it was called Idlewild Airport and it will only handle DC-8 and Boeing 707 aircraft to keep traffic down.

We are the Borg. After eight long years, United Airlines’ two legacy flight attendant workforces are one.  It took a while to link all of the flight attendants to the Collective hive mind but it did achieve perfection of the in-flight service.

Aloha. Jesse revs up his time machine and goes back to 1929, when Inter-Island Airways, now Hawaiian Airlines, operated their first flight, a sightseeing trip over Oahu. To celebrate, he was invited to a luau and was last seen dancing the hula over and over again.

Beep free zoneWyndham is creating smartphone-free zones at pools and restaurants at some of its properties to fight Information Overload.  The only problem is that guests are reporting they actually can’t relax unless they hear various screechy noises they are so accustomed to.

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