Lobby Bar: Early Retirement, Jaws, Sierra Madre, and ‘I’ll Take Broadway Shows for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 3 August 2018
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Lobby Bar – It May Not Be Much, But It’s Ours

Shark Week. Smartphones are ruining vacations for many people as colleagues and customers now expect 24×7 availability. Since turning them off really isn’t an option, our experts came up with a list of “things you can do with your smartphone on vacation” including 1.) Feed it to a shark, 2.) Let a monkey take selfies with it, and 3.) Leave it on the train in Japan. The last one probably won’t work, however, as you will likely be reunited with your smartphone by a bowing stranger within hours (minutes if on the bullet train).

Don’t bother me, I can’t cope. Since this really is the name of a real Broadway show, we don’t think we can add anything to it.

Augustus Moment. The Roman Senate changed name of the first emperor of the Roman Empire from Octavian to Augustus, derived from the Latin word Augere (“to increase”). By naming what is now the eighth month of the Gregorian calendar after Augustus, however, the senate set in motion an ever-increasing high temperature for the month, although some people still blame global warming.

Incomplete Foods. Anna Breuer placed her first order from Amazon Prime Now for a Whole Foods delivery but, on one of the hottest days of the year, two of the cold items (sushi and gelato) arrived warm. Not very cool, guys!

We don’t need no stinkin’ cards. Chase updated all of its ATMs to use Apple Pay. What the banking giant didn’t announce was that, for those customers who still use Android, it is giving out free iPhones so that those customers can take advantage of the feature too.

The ultimate app. BMW lowered prices on its new-car subscription service and added an entry-level Icon tier. The downside is that the service is only available in Tennessee, so users of the service will have to wait for the BMW pick-up truck to begin production.

What did you say, sonny? American Airlines is sending many of its Boeing 757s into retirement, which in turn led to a protest by members of the American Association of Retired People The AARP subchair for retired airliners pointed out that these 757s still have many good years left to them.

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