Lobby Bar July 6 – Clark Kent, Joan Crawford, Let’s Get Sirius, I’ll Take SNL for $200, Alex!

By Anna Breuer on 6 July 2018
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Lobby Bar – If You Didn’t See It, It Didn’t Happen… Maybe

Faster than a speeding bullet. Scott Pruitt had a problem. It turns out he’s actually Superman but, given the lack of phone booths in today’s world, he found it difficult to play his true role in life. The solution: A $43,000 soundproof phone booth in his office although it turned out that poor ethics were his kryptonite. Meanwhile, unsubstantiated reports that Dr. Who is looking for a missing phone booth floated about the Internet.

Throw the dog a bone. The dog days of summer were named thusly because the Romans blamed Sirius, the Dog Star, which became thought of as a precursor to the sultry weather. Had only Sirius gone to PC Richards for the 4th of July Summer Blowout AC sale we would be enjoying much cooler days.

Mommie Dearest. The city of Seattle has banned plastic utensils and straws at all food vendors although paper and bamboo straws and utensils are fine. No word if a plastic hanger ban is in the works.

Shimmer. “Songs for a New World” made a brief appearance at New York City Center as part of its Encores Off Center series. Theatergoers were seen leaving and arguing about who Murray was and if the show was a floor wax or dessert topping.

Bob & Ted & Carol & Alice. Aircraft manufacturers Airbus and Bombardier got into bed together so it was hard to imagine that the other couple in the quadopoly wouldn’t get jealous. In our latest chapter, we find Boeing and Embraer in a romantic embrace under the glare of news cameras.

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