Lobby Bar – July 20: Rachel and Ross, Schadenfreude, HAL, and ‘I’ll Take New Airlines for $200, Alex!’

By Anna Breuer on 20 July 2018
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Lobby Bar – Making Travel News Great Again

We don’t need no stinkin’ airline. Serial airline entrepreneur David Neeleman is at it again, this time starting yet another new airline in the United States. There’s only one problem: In order to start operations, the existing carriers have to vote one of its own off the island.

Paging Gary Coleman. “Avenue Q,” the brilliant slacker musical, is celebrating 15 years by inviting original cast members back on stage. Jonathan Spira mistakenly thought the invite was also extended to original audience members and was seen walking around the theater explaining that he had finally found his purpose in life.

I won’t be there for you. After a successful run, “Friends! The Musical Parody” is closing and theatergoers are on edge. Why? The producers promised to reveal how the twenty somethings with no visible means of support are able to afford a New York City apartment with a 3,000-square-foot (279-square-meter) living room.

Modern family. JW Marriott’s “Family by JW” program is offering programs for those between the ages of five and 12. Some parents didn’t realize that it’s just for guests and they can’t simply drop their children off at a JW Marriott property on their way to the office, however. In other news, several JWs are now under siege by the pre-teens, who are demanding baked pizza casserole be added to the menu.

Put another quarter in the slot. Self-proclaimed “Uncarrier” T-Mobile is offering a new and inexpensive international data plan. It costs only 25 cents an hour but there’s a small problem: you have to carry a mobile phone with a coin slot and lots of small change in order to use it.

I don’t want THAT coffee, Hal. Austin’s airport is getting a robotic coffee house and customers are generally pleased, with the exception of FBT publisher David Goldes. Each time he placed an order, the only response he got was “I’m sorry, Dave, I’m afraid I can’t do that.”

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