Heat Wave Brings Record Temperatures Across the Globe

Los Angeles International Airport reported record temperatures this week.

By Paul Riegler on 7 July 2018
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A large swatch of the world has seen record hot weather over the past week and more is yet to come.

From the “green and pleasant land” that are the British Isles to the typically scorching Middle East to Africa, meteorologists report record temperatures that stem from large areas of high pressure – referred to as “heat domes” – that are dotting the landscape.

New records for daily and all-time high temperatures were set Friday throughout Southern California.  At the UCLA in Los Angeles, the temperature soared to 111° F (43.9° C), the hottest temperature ever recorded there. Other record all-time highs include 114° F (45.6° C) at Hollywood Burbank Airport, 117° F (47.2° C) at Van Nuys Airport (where Marilyn Monroe was reportedly discovered while working on an assembly line at the airport’s military factory in 1945), and 114° F in Santa Ana.

Los Angeles International Airport, the world’s fifth busiest, reported a record high of 92° F (33.3° C) on Friday. The previous record was 88° F (33.3° C) in 1957.

Montreal reported the city’s highest temperature ever – 97.9° F (36.6° C) – on July 2, breaking records going back 147 years while, in the British Isles, Glasgow reported the Scottish capital’s highest, 89.4° F (31.9° C) and nearby Motherwell reported a record high for Scotland of 91.8° F (33.2° C) on June 28. On the same day, Shannon hit 89.6° F (32° C) and Belfast hit 85.1° F (29.5° C), both all-time records.

Meanwhile, Africa reported its highest temperature ever on July 5, a scorching 124.3° F (51.3° C) in Ouargla, Algeria, eclipsing the 1961 record of 123.3° F (50.7° C) set in Morocco.

In addition to the record daytime highs, many places are seeing record high low temperatures as well. Mount Washington in New Hampshire tied its all-time warmest low of 60° (15.5° C) on July 2 while nearby Burlington, Vermont, set a record for warmest low temperature of 80° F (26.7° C), also on July 2. Quriyat, Oman set a new world’s record for hottest low temperature on June 28, 109° F (42.6° C). Indeed, not only did Quriyat hit that record, it remained that hot for some 51 hours.

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