Lobby Bar – Trump’s Ocean, Fun on the Wing, and ‘I’ll Take Coke for $200, Alex’

By Anna Breuer on 29 June 2018
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Lobby Bar – The Epitome of Planned Obsolescence

Who’s next? The former Trump Ocean Club hotel in Panama City is being reflagged as a JW Marriott after a nasty spat last year between the hotel’s owner and the Trump Organization, which was managing the property.  I don’t think we need to add anything else.

Everybody hold hands. Air Canada is making it easier for families to have fun flying together.  The Canadian flag carrier said in the past week that it will happily allow the little tykes to go play outside on the wing at any time during the flight.

Nose candy.  The TSA is placing a limit on how much, ahem, “powder” travelers can take with them.  In an unrelated move, the TSA announced it would offer its screeners miniature straws.

Mommy, what’s an ATM card? Multiple banks are introducing cardless ATMs that use Apple Pay or a similar service to access the cash machines. To commemorate the move, a shiny ATM card was placed in the Museum of Obsolete Technology next to a rotary telephone, a VCR, and an eight-track player.

The secret of my success.  FBT News Editor Paul Riegler interviewed FBT Editorial Director Jonathan Spira about taking great photos.  Two tips somehow were left on the cutting room floor so we’re including them here in Lobby Bar: “Remember to take the lens cap off” and “Don’t forget to put film in the camera.”

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

Accura News

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