April Winter Storm Hammers Most of the Nation

By Anna Breuer on 14 April 2018
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DSC_0572A massive storm that apparently was unaware that the calendar said April is bringing heavy snow, freezing rain, and high winds and tornadoes and other severe weather to much of the United States Saturday and Sunday.

Up to 18” (46 centimeters) of snow has fallen in some areas of northern Nebraska and southern South Dakota. Blizzard conditions were reported in the Midwest from Minnesota to Wisconsin, including the Twin Cities where snowfall has reached 14” (35.5 centimeters) although drifts are substantially higher.

Travel in much of the Midwest and across the central Plains has become virtually impossible due to the severe weather.

Over 1,000 flights have been cancelled in the United States largely due to the weather, while almost 4,000 were delayed. The delays and cancellations largely affected Minneapolis/St. Paul International, O’Hare International, and Dallas/Fort Worth International airports.

Wintry weather including sleet and freezing rain, will continue in northern New York and northern Vermont while snow flurries are forecast for parts of Maine.

New York City will get off light, with only drizzle and wind guests of 35 mph (56 km/h) in the forecast, according to the National Weather Service.

Three deaths have already been attributed to the storm including a toddler who was killed after a tree crashed onto her family’s recreational vehicle.

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