Lobby Bar – February 23: Politicians in Rickshaws, Leaf Chairs, and a How to Grow a Hotel

By Jeremy Del Nero on 23 February 2018
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Lobby Bar – A Magical Article That Appears Once Every Hundred Years

Tax me not. A group of airline executives protested the taxes they have to pay when they arrive at airports, according to an industry group.  “We own the airplanes,” they explained. “We don’t need to pay no stinkin’ taxes.”  Going forward, these executives will have paid stickers placed on their foreheads when flying and will not be subject to the fees.

Sand show. The Queen Kapiolani Hotel in Waikiki announced details of its $35 million renovation project with plans to complete the work this summer. The makeover will include the installation of a shallow layer of sand spread throughout the hotel to set the mood for guests. Guests will be charged $1 per grain of sand that makes its way into the bedding as this is very annoying for hotel staff to clean.

Part of the team. Jonathan Spira heads to Honolulu and checks into the Trump International Hotel Waikiki. Different areas of the hotel are named after different individuals in Trump’s life, including the Ivanka Terrace, Kushner Cove, and Pence Playroom. An added bonus: each area features a life size cardboard cutout of its namesake for selfies.  Notice to guests: Payment in Rubles will not be accepted.

Roll with us. Speaking of politicians, we’re of the mind that maybe they don’t need to be paying $36,000 to fly a half hour from Washington DC to New York. Instead, we’re proposing a fleet of rickshaws and tandem bicycles that can transport DC suits in about 41 hours for a fraction of the cost.

Thy Time Machine, Brutus! Blaise Buckley takes us on a tour of London’s West End, highlighting the key theatrical experiences of the season. Thanks to the growing number of theater enthusiasts on staff, we’re excited to officially announce the launch of our third major magazine: Frequent Theatre Goer, which will demonstrate how one can manage to see up to eight performances per day by using Jesse’s time machine.

Leaf me here. Anna Breuer flies from New York to Toronto in Air Canada’s business class cabin. Anna wanted the full Canadian experience, which includes swapping out her seat for a pile of maple leaves. The leaf pile was colorful and aromatic, but lacked in the areas of comfort and safety.

Growing pains. Marriott’s Luxury Collection is on the verge of major global growth. This is thanks to an expanding foam that the hotel chain has begun to fill into the walls of its properties, allowing the rooms to multiply and reproduce, an inexpensive way to add more guest rooms to an already-built hotel.

Moving up. Speaking of that Luxury Collection, join us at the Westbury in Mayfair, London for some cocktails. Jonathan Spira finally achieved his dream of relocating the Lobby Bar to the den of his suite, thanks to a handy bag of power tools, a service elevator, and a few swift bribes made to the right people. So stop on by for a drink, because in the Lobby Bar, it’s always Friday.

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