Lobby Bar – January 19: Free Llamas, TSA Armor Checks, and Cars get Human Transplants

By Jeremy Del Nero on 19 January 2018
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Lobby Bar – Where It’s Okay to Wear a Denim Vest

CarHuman. Christian Stampfer reports from the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit. Check out BMW’s new kidney, which has been replaced with an actual human kidney for better performance. Just remember that this means you will need to bring your BMW to a nephrologist rather than a mechanic if things go wrong.

Welcome to the future. Join Jonathan Spira for a discussion on how technology has changed the way we travel. Remember the days when we packed magazines and SLR cameras on our flights? Now all we need is a portal gun, patented by Adult Swim, and some Future Gum to keep inter-dimensional brain compression at bay.

Daydreaming. Paul Riegler flies from New York to London in American Airlines’ new flagship business cabin. The seat’s privacy partition lets flyers disconnect from the rest of the plane, although those who want to disconnect on a larger level can indulge in a new offering: the chocolate lava brownie, baked with real sugar and Xanax.

Dear Henry. Delta is starting to crack down on passengers traveling with fake emotional support animals. This was precipitated when Paul tried to board his flight to London with his emotional support llama, Henry. Although Henry made it okay to London, there was no space on the return flight so… does anybody in the U.K. want a slightly used llama?

Match made on Earth. BMW acquired Parkmobile this week, giving the company access to the largest mobile parking service provider in North America. Plus, now whenever you park your new BMW in a Parkmobile spot, it will receive free kidney filtration and diagnostics report.

Heavy metal. JFK’s Terminal 4 will be the newest site of American Express’ largest Centurion Lounge. The lounge will only be accessible by Centurion cardholders, and those who have made the effort to don authentic centurion armor and make it through security.

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