Lobby Bar – January 12: The Great JFK International Rafting Depot, Automakers Sell Weed, and How to Cheat at Airporting

By Jeremy Del Nero on 12 January 2018
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Lobby Bar – Is This Thing Still On?

Changing directions. Did you ever think “Spongebob Squarepants” would become a Broadway musical? No? Then get ready for another surprise, because next week we’ve got “Frequent Business Traveler: The Musical,” featuring an original cast of travel editors who can neither sing nor dance but have something they need to share with the world anyway.

Dangerous games. Paul Riegler is here to answer the question on every sliced fruit fan’s mind: is wireless charging all it’s cracked up to be? The answer is “yes.” With a recent update, Apple’s newest iPhones can charge when connected to any energy source, which means low-hanging high-tension wires and third-rails at subway stations make great on-the-go charging options.

Cheaters beware. Come take our 2018 travel quiz and you could win a piece of valuable airline memorabilia. Just remember that if you are caught cheating during the exam, you will not only be ineligible to win any prizes but we’ll also come to your house and take some cool things that we can give out as prizes for the next quiz.

Nobody’s watching. Jonathan Spira relaxes in Air Canada’s Signature Suite at Toronto Pearson International Airport. The lounge, however, is secret, and can only be accessed by walking to the very end of Terminal 3, facing the tarmac, shouting “left, right, up, down,” four times, and doing a set of 9 3/4 jumping jacks. It can be tricky to get it just right, so go ahead and practice the routine a few times to make sure you get access.

High times. Toyota and Mazda announced plans to open a joint factory in Alabama. Now that recreational marijuana is being legalized in more states, the car companies have recognized a business opportunity and will begin selling doobies alongside their vehicles. Stop by a local dealership to see some “woah, dude” deals.

Water over the bridge. A water main broke at JFK International Airport over the weekend, drenching Terminal 4 with icy water. The airport wasted no time in seizing the opportunity by handing out inflatable rafts and selling one-way tickets to cities on the Eastern seaboard, branding the new rafting experience “not to be missed.” A TSA employee will accompany each raft to its destination.

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