Lobby Bar – December 8: Selling Time Travel Equipment, Sarah Palin Gives Russia Tours, and How Airlines Handle Divorce

By Jeremy Del Nero on 8 December 2017
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Lobby Bar – Somewhere Over the Rainbow But Not in Kansas

It’s on us. It may seem like we go to the theater several hundred times per week, but we’ve narrowed down our list to the top six shows you should see on Broadway this holiday season. Of course, no list would be complete without our very own musical, “Midnight Keyboard,” starring the FBT editorial staff and which details the very difficult, yet somehow whimsical, life of a travel editor.

Kraftwerk. Some of us like to travel and some of us like to fahren fahren fahren while we travel, so read up on our top ten tips for driving abroad. Be sure you know the specifics of driving in your specific destination: in France, the wheel is on the right, in the United Kingdom, on the left, and in Russia, it’s in the backseat while your passengers ride up front (the better to keep an eye on).

Musical Terminals. Don’t get too confused, but a total of six airlines will be relocating at LaGuardia this weekend. From now on, all passengers will circulate among the terminals and when the music stops, whichever gate they are in front of is the flight they will board.

Ruining Christmas. Join time traveler Jesse for some great moments in travel history for Decembers past. Find out the story about how one of our disgruntled editors came along for the ride and sold the time machine to the Grinch, which, let’s be honest, is way more powerful than Santa’s sleigh and the only feasible way to ruin Christmas.

Cold perks. Bring a pen and paper so you can learn about MVP Gold 75K status with Alaska Airlines’ Mileage Plan. The program is more generous than others on the market, and some top tier advantages include free babysitting for the duration of your trip, a hand-carved ice sculpture made from Alaskan glacier ice, and Sarah Palin will provide a tour of the part of Russia she can see from her porch.

Don’t sing. Intense wildfires are ravaging southern California once again, and it’s beginning to have an impact on LAX departures. Our thoughts are with those affected, and residents are asked to please not sing “rain, rain, go away, come again some other day” as the area desperately needs rain as soon as possible.

Airline personification. Alaska Airlines and Air France have mutually decided to end their partnership. Thankfully, due to new civil aviation liberty laws, the airlines’ separation will be recognized in all countries, even where airline marriage isn’t legal to begin with.

Waste of paper. The airline industry is forecasting 51 million flyers this holiday season. This is due to a recent trend to back off digital marketing and increase the production of paper flyer distribution, which will be dropped above populous cities from aircraft as they take off and land.

Alone space. American Airlines is adding larger overhead bins to its A321 aircraft, which will help flight attendants stuff rowdy or anxious children into the storage for a brief time out. Don’t worry, each bin will have access to food and water, and a selection of Xbox games will be available for rental.

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