Lobby Bar – December 22: Sleeping in the Subway, Hillary Duff on Broadway, and Even the Sun Hates Us

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 December 2017
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Lobby Bar – Where it’s Friday Every Day

Sun’s out. The winter solstice occurred this week, providing the Northern Hemisphere with the shortest day of the year. This is also the day we find out whether or not the sun will ever rise again, or if the star will decide to leave us all to freeze as it explores alternative measures to fight global warming.

The doctor is in. Take a seat next to Blaise Buckley at Westside Theater for “Who’s Holiday!”  The play was originally to be a Dr. Seuss production, but when the rights fell through at the last minute, it was shifted into a Dr. Who holiday spectacular. The switchover was done with haste, however, and there are certain scenes where Daleks appear to be enjoying some green eggs with ham.

Remembrance. Join us in remembering and honoring lyric soprano Barbara Cook, who passed away over the summer. Cook was a true talent and, despite boy alto Paul Riegler’s attempts to replicate her high notes, she will never be replaced.

Let the rain fall down. Join Jonathan Spira at Circle in the Square Theater for “Once on This Island.” The theater, named after a lyric in Hilary Duff’s hit pop song “Come Clean,” features a beach scene and cameos by stars from Laguna Beach, as per Duff’s request.

Hitch your wagon. If you’re feeling a bit chilly, consider making a winter getaway to one of our favorite tropical destinations. We highly recommend a visit to the Sun, but be warned that, due to the solstice, our bright star may not be sticking around much longer. This means you’ll want to be on the 5:00 a.m. rocket departing from Central Park to catch the sun before it heads out for good… did you already miss it? What a shame.

Sleepover parties. Pull up a sleeping bag next to Jonathan Spira at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre for “The Children.” In order to catch all of these shows, Mr. Spira had to invest in an insulated sleeping bag and forfeit his Long Island Rail Road pass to avoid the excessive commuting. After the show, you can join him for ghost stories and truth or dare while waiting for the next theatergoing experience.

Don’t call me by your name. The Trump Soho Hotel has reopened its doors as the Dominick Hotel.  Everything about the hotel is the same except for the name, but business appears to have jumped 240% since the rebrand, which leaves absolutely nobody scratching their heads as to why.

Mairriage. The rumors are true: Boeing and Embraer are getting hitched and you’re invited to the wedding! Everything on their wedding registry is from Aircraft Parts Supply Warehouse, and guests are expected to bring a least two essential jet engine pieces for the pair’s honeymoon flight, which will be on World Global Air as tradition dictates.

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