Lobby Bar – November 3: Time Travel for Cheap, Oscar Wilde’s Favorite Hotel, and Screen Lickers Anonymous

By Jeremy Del Nero on 3 November 2017
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Lobby Bar – Nowhere to Go But Up

Free flying. Take our fall travel quiz for a chance to win a deck of United Airlines 747 trading cards. These cards can be used as a valid boarding pass on the planes depicted in the images, but keep in mind that these aircraft are being taken out of service, so you have a fairly limited opportunity to score a free seat on a 747. Ready, set, go!

Small price to pay. Take a ride with Jesse Sokolow to some great moments in travel history throughout Novembers past. We want to remind you that you’ve been riding in Jesse’s time machine for free for the last four years and, due to the rising cost of dark matter, we need to start charging for rides. For admission: Please bring any credit card with a $15,000 limit, a roll or two of nickels (we go through a lot of those for some reason), the shirt off your back, your first born child, and a box of double stuff Oreos (Jesse really likes those).

Don’t play me. Join Jonathan Spira at the Conrad Dublin for a stay that would befit Oscar Wilde. As the playwright said, “true friends stab you in the front…” wait that doesn’t sound right. Mr. Spira, what was the correct quote please?

Time shift. This weekend, remember to change the time on all of your wristwatches and analogue clocks to make up for a rare shift in atomic time particles. If you plan on flying during this time shift, make sure you sign a waiver with your airline prior to boarding because there’s a good chance you’ll get lost in the space-time continuum and will need to contact Jesse to retrieve you from the depths of our nearest black hole.

Technophotos. Grab your camera and head to Oregon with Christian Stampfer to bid farewell to Air Berlin in this photo essay. Remember, we’ve enabled interactive photos, so go ahead and lick the screen to receive audio, smell, and taste sensory details about any photo.

Apparently not. This week, one of Kayak’s co-founders introduced Lola, a new business travel app. To pay tribute to the Kinks song (and because the company lost that specific lawsuit), anybody who mentions the app must refer to it as “Lola, L-o-l-a-, Lola.”

(Photo: Accura Media Group)

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