Lobby Bar – November 10: Hand-Powered Cars, Camping on Hotel Roofs, and Ferry-Boating to Cuba

Lobby bar, Trump International Hotel Waikiki

By Jeremy Del Nero on 10 November 2017
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Lobby Bar – Your Connecting Flight to Never Never Land

All powerful arms. Paul Riegler explains why it may cost less to own an electric vehicle rather than a petrol-powered car, even though the up-front cost is higher. This is, of course, because electric vehicles can be charged by a hand crank that ships with the vehicles: just 10,000 turns of the crank will net the driver nearly .75 kilometers of driving range. Here’s your chance to make the freeloading passengers earn their rides.

Conference bed. Jonathan Spira checks into the Hyatt Place DFW at the airport in Dallas, Texas. Due to a shortage of rooms, the Hyatt put Mr. Spira on the roof, and brought up a king size bed and pop-up kitchen space. The space was big and clean, and thankfully only a few flights were taking off and landing while he was sleeping.

City strong. Anna Breuer takes a look at how tourism in the Big Apple was affected by the recent terror attacks in downtown Manhattan. As it turns out, New Yorkers are as resilient as always, tourists continue to visit, rent is still $200 per square inch, and somehow slices of pizza are still $1.

Dating is up in the air. Jonathan Spira boards United’s final Boeing 747 flight, journeying from San Francisco to Honolulu. The 747, dubbed the Friend Ship, is being phased out, but luckily Boeing’s new 797 jet, to be called the Relation Ship, will be bigger, better, and the set of a new reality show that aims to pair seatmates in a romantic candle-lit flight. Coming to an airport near you in 2025.

Ceasing operations. Hawaii’s Island Air will be making its final flight today, November 10, 2017.  The company will be shutting down at exactly 5:00 p.m. local time, and any passengers on an Island Air jet at that time will be instructed to safely make their way to an emergency exit, grab a parachute, and glide into the Pacific Ocean, as their tickets will no longer be valid.

Tight or flight. The White House is officially following through on its plan to tighten its economic embargo on Cuba, which will restrict access to hotels and businesses. Thankfully, Jonathan Spira has graciously offered to utilize his knowledge of the country and water currents to ferry people in and out of the island on his fleet of 1950s American carboats.

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