Lobby Bar – October 20: Swapping Presidents, Inviting an Apple Genius Over, and How to Score Free Tickets to Harry Potter

The Hyatt Regency SFO

By Jeremy Del Nero on 20 October 2017
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Lobby Bar – A Weekly Departure From Logic and Reason

Good ol’ days.  In a few weeks, Jonathan Spira will be flying from San Francisco to Honolulu on United using the iconic Boeing 747 aircraft on its final flight. The flight will be operated as a throwback to the plane’s original days: the flight attendants will be in retro 70s uniforms, the in-flight entertainment will be tuned to the appropriate channels, and, enacting a little-known law, Jimmy Carter will once again be president for a few hours and will attempt to keep a killer rabbit away from the plane.

Set the mood. So you just got a new iPhone 8 or X and want to set it up? Simply follow along with the quick start rules outlined in the new devices, or pay $999 to have an Apple Genius make a house call to set it up for you. Please prepare your house for the visit by cleaning it out entirely, placing a small glass of kale juice in the center of the kitchen floor, and play Vivaldi on full volume from your iPhone 7 Plus.

Multi-tasker. October 17th was Information Overload Day: How did you celebrate? Jeremy Del Nero (hi!) paid homage to the day by listening to music through one earbud, watching Hulu through his Roku on the TV, playing a game on his Nintendo 3DS, engaging in a conference call through his other earbud, and penning Lobby Bar, all at the same time!

Magical life. Take a seat next to Blaise Buckley at the Palace Theatre for “Harry Potter and the Cursed Child,” a magical performance. To get the five-fingered discount, make sure to bring your wand and activate the “accio tickets” spell. A skilled wizard or witch can also use “wingardium leviosato lift tickets from the purses of other prospective theatergoers.

Somethingminty. JetBlue announced that it will begin a new boarding process for all upcoming flights. We weren’t entirely clear on the details, but it sounds like those traveling with fresh sprigs of mint (breath mints are acceptable substitutes) will be able to use the herb to board the aircraft in the first group while those bearing no herbs will board last.

Confirmation bias. MasterCard cardholders will no longer be required to sign for their purchases starting spring 2018. Now, purchases can be confirmed with voice recognition, by awkwardly bending down and whispering your passcode onto the credit card slot. Try it!

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