Lobby Bar – October 13: Plane-Sharing, Moving Christmas, and 5-Star Living Rooms

By Jeremy Del Nero on 13 October 2017
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Lobby Bar – Almost Certainly Full of Alternative Factoids

This time it’s personal. We stay at hundreds of hotels around the world each year, and for your convenience we compiled the ten most impressive must-visit properties into the 2017 Frequent Business Traveler Centurion List. This year’s list introduces Jesse’s Estate, a one-room gem located off of Jesse’s kitchen in his Los Angeles apartment, replete with running water, a charmingly creaky fold-out full-size futon, and at least one working electrical outlet (if you choose to use the outlet, a fuel surcharge will be added to your room rate.).

It’s not time yet! Take a seat next to Jonathan Spira at the Samuel J. Friedman Theatre for “Prince of Broadway,” in which multiple cast members play the same character. Next season, the show will be reversing the concept by having one cast member play multiple characters in what can best be described as a Broadway production of “Dinner for One.”

Move it. Nobody was sure when it would make landfall, but fall foliage has finally arrived just a few weeks behind schedule. Keep in mind that this delay will push all holidays forward a month, so Thanksgiving will take place on December 23rd, and Christmas will be rescheduled for January 25th. Thank you for understanding, and we apologize for any inconvenience.

Lather me up. Google will be providing emergency mobile phone service to Puerto Rican residents via solar-powered balloons. After the balloons fulfill their duty, they will move in the direction of their energy source, eventually making their way through the Earth’s atmosphere and toward the solar mass, a feat that will make Google the first wireless service provider to offer 4G data to those who have settled on the sun’s surface.

A moment of your time. The ACLU filed suit against DHS and the U.S. Customs and Border Protection over checking the IDs of nine passengers deplaning from a domestic flight. The ACLU feels that this procedure unfairly targets those passengers who may have gotten up during the flight to stow their credentials deep within their carry-on, and seeks to end the heinous inconvenience of retrieving IDs upon exit from an aircraft.

Split personality. This week Lufthansa agreed to purchase part of Air Berlin.  Lufthansa will be acquiring the rear third of each plane, so passengers who like to book towards the back of the cabin should remember to purchase tickets through Lufthansa’s website while those over the wing and at the front must continue to use Air Berlin’s ticketing system. Each section of the plane will be staffed by a separate crew of flight attendants, have its own color schemes and livery, and, of course, different pilots.

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