What’s Doing in London’s West End

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You’re in the Vaults, the extensive tunnel network beneath Waterloo Station, in a study filled to the ceiling with books in various stages of decay, papers, bird cages, clocks, and Victoriana.

Suddenly the clocks go off, lights flicker, the mechanical monkey starts crashing his cymbals, and Alice, at least we think is Alice (if not Alice on acid), appears in a sort of looking glass. The Mad Hatter’s tea party was never like this.



Nikolai Foster’s splendid revival of “Annie,” perhaps the schmaltziest and most feel good musical of all times, is alive and well at the Piccadilly Theater with British sitcom actress Miranda Hart hysterically staggering through her West End debut as the New York City orphanage’s manager, Miss Hannigan, who never saw a bottle she wouldn’t drink.

Expect a young redheaded girl to belt out “Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow” at the top of her lungs as she bests the evil Miss Hannigan at every turn.

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