Lobby Bar – September 22: Charizard the Tourguide, Being Tickled by a Butler, and BMW Invests in Dongles

By Jeremy Del Nero on 22 September 2017
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Lobby Bar – An Optical Illusion of Words

Forced laughs. Take a seat next to us in the theater for a third viewing of “The Play That Goes Wrong.” Before you go swallowing any cayennidday, keep in mind that the actors are professionally trained thespians to give you a very poor performance. Don’t worry, if you aren’t smiling by the end of the show, Perkins the butler will personally go and gently tickle you until you giggle.

Free tingles. Grab the wheel of the 1993 Mercedes-Benz 500SL Coupe/Roadster with the FBT team. Everything about the coupe is charming, from the wooden trim to the long hood to the gentle whispers that emanate from behind the dashboard, triggering a low-key ASMR for the driver and passengers.

Power of adapters. BMW has decided that it won’t be using keys to unlock all future vehicles it manufacturers. Instead, the automaker will be partnering with Apple and the NSA to let drivers unlock their car doors with a facial scan. However, like the new iPhones, you’ll need a special dongle to fill up the tank ($39.95, not included).

Risk takers. With the announcement of new iPhones, Apple has also released iOS 11 with a few software improvements. Siri has received an upgrade and is capable of far more tasks now, including her ability to read your mind and send out tweets based on what you’re thinking. In the coming weeks, you’ll find out whether you’re the next hot social media icon or perhaps you’ll lose all of your friends and get fired. Ready to gamble?

Not a game. You took the survey; now it’s time to see what others voted for as their top travel apps. It turns out that the most used app is Pokémon Go because it allows travelers to navigate a map free of clutter, and thanks to a recent update, public restrooms are located next to every legendary Pokémon.

Time to merge. There may be some LTE connection Issues with new Apple Watch Series 3, according to the company. Not to worry, just use a tiny aluminum wire to connect the watch to the basilic vein in your left arm, and your body will act as an antenna to amplify the signal.

The shrug generation. InterContinental Hotels Group unveils a new category of properties called “avid” Hotels. The new hotels will replace the struggling and unpopular “uninterested” Hotels that were targeting an apathetic millennial audience but ultimately failed to connect with their desire to not give a crap.

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