Review: ResMed AirMini Portable CPAP Machine


By Paul Riegler on 8 August 2017
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Sleep apnea is a medical condition that afflicts more than 18 million adults causing them to stop breathing for at least ten seconds many times an hour. It is easily treated at home with a bedside machine and related accessories that are prescribed by a doctor and commonly covered by health insurance plans.

Note the key word in the preceding paragraph: “home.”

A close family member was recently diagnosed with sleep apnea and we’ve found that traveling with his home therapy equipment was an onerous imposition. With that in mind I recently went hunting for portable equipment to use instead. My conclusion? There was just one machine worth considering: the AirMini from ResMed, which has been available since May.

At merely 5.4” wide, 3.3” tall and 2” deep, (137 mm x 84 mm x 5 mm), it’s the smallest portable CPAP machine on the market. That means it and all of its accessories easily slip in to any carry-on bag, and can be tucked in to an airplane seat pocket for in-flight snoozing. Since, it weighs only 2/3 of a pound (300 grams), it’ll barely add to your bag’s heft. By comparison, the full-size CPAP machine my relative uses, the ResMed’s AirSense 10, is eight times as large in volume and, weighs seven times as much (without water in its humidifier reservoir), and requires its own travel case.

Humidification is important because it prevents morning dry-mouth. But whereas the full-size machine incorporates a tub for a water supply, the AirMini’s tiny footprint has no provision for a built-in humidifier. However, ResMed devised a clever system that extracts moisture from the user’s breath on exhalation, and returns it to the user as humidity on inhalation.

The system employs a filter that fits between the unit and the mask, and two different filters are offered, one provides a basic level of humidification and the other an increased level. Both filters equal the full-size machine’s range of humidification and eliminate the need to find and buy a supply of distilled water wherever in the world you happen to be traveling.

Currently, the AirMini is dependent on an AC power source. However, ResMed says an external battery pack and a DC-DC converter are in the works.

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