Lobby Bar – August 4: Edible Technology, Dreaming Up a Play, and Flying is a Team Sport

By Jeremy Del Nero on 4 August 2017
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Lobby Bar – It’s Unlike Anything You’ve Ever Read Saturday Through Thursday

My turn. It’s no secret that the news has been chock full of airlines acting up recently, and many of our readers have said that recent developments would cause them to choose another airline. Overwhelmingly, readers have taken to flying World Global Air, an airline that treats all flyers equally: every 30 minutes a passenger is invited to take charge of the cockpit controls for a few minutes to share in the flying experience (a retired pilot is, however, on board, asleep in a seat near the cockpit.)

The dust of life. Join time traveling news editor Jesse Sokolow on a journey to August’s most significant travel moments. Please remember to bring some space dust with you to power the ship as Jesse has been running low, and the price of space dust is skyrocketing thanks to the wall (paid for with Mexican Pesos) between Earth and Jupiter’s moon Rumba (the only place space dust naturally accumulates).

Playception. Jonathan Spira heads to Central Park on a midsummer night to see “A Midsummer Night’s Dream.” Mr. Spira recalls the performance as a tad long, rather unintelligible, and a bit hazy. In fact, it was all a dream.

Shoots, eats, leaves. Join us for a look at the most influential, history-making cameras of all time. The Kodak Brownie makes the list because of its incredible ability to offer affordable picture-taking to consumers, and to this day it is the only edible camera that has made it through production.

To the core. An update to Apple’s CarPlay will unlock a slew of new features, including lane guidance and speed limit info. With lane guidance, you can sit back, relax, and let your car do your steering for you. Just a heads up, it’s programmed to drop you off at your nearest Apple store, so don’t use this feature if you have a different destination in mind.

Anthropomorphic Vegetables. You don’t need to go to Italy to visit Napoli; just head to the Laura Pels Theatre for “Napoli, Brooklyn.” Can’t decide whether or not to see the play? Go ahead and ask your deity of choice, or, if all are tied up on Skypes calls, just ask the closest onion.

MAFOGA (Making Air Force One Great Again).  Remember when President Trump complained that Boeing’s proposed new planes for Air Force One were too expensive? Well, last week during a late-night Tweetstorm, Trump logged into eBay and found two bargain basement 747-8 jumbo jets being sold by his old friend Vladimir Putin.  The planes, which Putin promised would come with the latest communications technology that would give President Trump secure channels to communicate with, will also come with Imperial Class seating, leftover from what used to be Russia’s second largest airline before it went bankrupt, Transaero.

To the future. If you feel like you’ve had to travel too far to see attractive athletes perform wonderful stunts every four years, you’re in luck: the 2028 Olympics will be held in Los Angeles. 2028 is right around the corner, so we recommend getting your travel arrangements in order and harassing your airline to sell you a ticket ten years in advance.

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