Lobby Bar – June 23: How Airplanes Relax, Cats Can Fly, and a Co-operative Driving

By Jeremy Del Nero on 23 June 2017
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It is better to create than to learn! Lobby Bar is the essence of life.

Yep, him too. Jonathan Spira heads to Central Park to see his old friend, Julius. The play has undergone a few minor changes to be relevant to the current political landscape; highlights include Caesar dying for the 119th time, gasping “Et tu, Trumpe?”

Traveling club kids. Penn Station is trying to rid itself of its icky reputation, starting with a brand new Long Island Rail Road concourse named after the late Senator, Daniel Patrick Moynihan. To keep the New York City downtown vibe, entry is limited to those admitted by a bouncer from a local club. For the others, the transit authority provides them with funnel-hats, which help protect their hair from dripping sewage overhead.

Indoor biking. Jeremy Del Nero (happy Friday!) checks into Hotel Lucia in Portland, Oregon. The hotel is bike-friendly, which means guests can check out bikes at the front desk to ride to their rooms, using the marked hallway bike lanes and the special bike elevator off the laundry room.

Kitty galore. Join us at the Neil Simon Theatre for a special performance of “Cats.” The purrformance has remained largely unchanged for decades, so we decided to shake things up by bringing catnip to the theater. Mayhem ensued; theatergoers left with scratches, meows were heard all over Manhattan, and somehow our editorial director inadvertently brought home three kittens. Next week: see how the kittens get along with Mr. Spira’s dog, Snickers, otherwise expect an emergency housecall from Jackson Galaxy.

The fault in our stars. American Airlines is said to be looking for an alternate uniform supplier after reports were made of allergic reactions to the airline’s new garb. It turns out, however, that the allergies were really from some of the escaped kittens from “Cats” that had somehow made their way onto American flights.

Too hot. A heat wave in Phoenix grounded hundreds of flights from the area this week. Thankfully, the jets agreed to hit the skies when offered a refreshing cocktail of iced tea, lemonade, and jet fuel.

Power struggle. Take the wheel of the 2017 Lexus GS 450h Sedan with Team FBT. One of our favorite features of the 450h Sedan is Lexus’ patented co-operative driving system. The passenger operates the gas and brakes, and the backseaters turn the wheel and activate turn signals, but don’t worry, the driver is still in charge of the radio. Rumors that the model is referred to as “The Mother in Law” car in internal manufacturing documents have been dispelled.

Move it along. Want a taste of the future of Air Travel? Go to Terminal 4 at JFK and ask to speak to Gert-Jan de Graaff. If you ask nicely, he’ll show you the next generation of automatic security screening lanes that let passengers curl into a ball, jump onto the conveyor belt, and go through the x-ray system, all while keeping their belts and shoes on! The process will increase speed and efficiency, and you get your very own dosimeter too!

Rid of it. Today was bring your dog to work day, but the boss was in no mood and yelled “out damned spot” when the dog wandered into his office and mistook the potted palm for a fire hydrant. Hours later the dog was still in the proverbial doghouse, but on the bright side, that stain on the carpet was finally cleaned up.

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