World’s Largest Association of Corporate Travel Managers to Members: ‘Build a Wall’ and Lower the Cost of Meetings

An empty stage greeting attendees of the 2020 ASSCAM Annual Meeting

By Paul Riegler on 1 April 2017
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SUCKERVILLE, Maine, April 1 — On the opening day of its annual meeting here, the American Service Society of Corporate Ambulatory Managers, or ASSCAM, announced findings of a research report that said, in order to make corporate travel great again, companies should build walls around off-site corporate meetings to ensure that employees participate fully and do not go off and do their own thing.

ASSCAM is the largest association of corporate travel managers in the world.

The study, conducted by the independent research firm Takë Shortcutti, surveyed 65,000 executives from ASSCAM’s member companies and tallied the daytime bar and room service tabs at meetings where employees were walled in versus where meeting attendance was more laissez-faire.

The study found that such costs at meetings where employees were walled in were were almost non-existent while at other meetings, employees were found to be charging an almost endless supply of food and drink to their room, which was covered by the master bill.

“Clearly we are onto something,” said Michael Frieden, the group’s vice president of membership. “We are already in talks with a contractor who has had great success in Texas and Arizona in building walls and we will make this company’s services available to our members at a significant discount.”

“We have already tested the new walled meeting system,” said Michael Wallace, senior vice president of corporate travel at Flixbuster, the world’s largest laser disc rental company. “Our pilot showed that, not only were our food and beverage costs outside of catered meals close to zero, but that there was a much more somber and business-like atmosphere at our meetings.”

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